So you think that you would like a tattoo. Then here's a few questions you should be able to answer:

Do you really want a tattoo, or is it just your friends pushing you?
Do you really want a tattoo, or is it just something to show off to your friends?
Do you really want a tattoo, or is just to annoy your family?

Why do you want a tattoo?

Do you have an idea of what you would like as a tattoo?
Do you intend to walk into the tattooists and pick something from the designs on display?

What makes this design special?

Will your workplace accept a displayed tattoo?
Do you know how your company regards tattoos?
Is the place you want it easily covered for work?

Is this really something for you?

After you've answered all of the above and still want your tattoo, drop Carl an email or chat with him on Facebook (see the Links page for details). Take your ideas and/or designs with you when you go to see him. He wants you to have something that is right for you, something that shows what you want it to and means what you need it to.
He'll discuss every aspect of the design and explain about the process, the time it will take, and give you an estimate of the costs involved. After that, you can book your session (or the first of your sessions) and pay your deposit.

Tattooing is an art. A permanent piece of art on your body. It should never be something average.