Same day:

  1. Keep the dressing on for one hour and then remove carefully.
  2. Immediately wash with soap and water and rinse in cold water, pat dry. Do Not Rub.
  3. If possible (clean environment etc), leave uncovered for thirty minutes or so.
  4. Apply ‘Bepanthen’ cream (warming the cream in a mug of hot water makes it easier to apply).

Up to three days:

  • Wash the area at least twice a day, applying Bepanthen after patting the area dry.
  • Bepanthen should be applied 2-3 times a day for 2 or 3 days, no longer.

Up to two weeks:

  • Don't soak your tattoo in hot bath water as this will dry it out; showering is ok.
  • Allow any scabs to shed naturally. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH no matter how much it itches.
  • Avoid strong sunlight, swimming, sunbeds, hot tubs and saunas for at least 2 weeks.

At all times:

  • Do not scratch it!
  • Any coverings, day or night, should be clean - and lightweight if possible.
  • Everyone heals at a different rate, and each person's healing rate depends on their health and environment.
  • A tattoo is for life, so when in doubt: do not rush it.


  • During the two week healing period, moisturising should not really be necessary.
  • Do not even consider this until at least a week has passed!
  • If you feel that the area needs this, an unscented, additive-free aloe vera moisturising cream can be used. Remember the ban on rubbing still applies, so apply gently.