Carl started out as an artist with a fascination for tattoo art. Ten years later, he decided to turn that fascination into a career.

 He spent six years tattooing independently before settling to work from one of central Worthings most respected tattoo studios.

 Three years later, he took the opportunity to join a studio with an ethos that lay closer to his preference for creating tattoos that reflected the reasons as well as the art. In the subsequent two years, he worked independently, as well as at two local studios - in each case, he had to move on when they closed.

 After the second studio folded underneath him, Carl decided to return to independent tattooing until he found another studio that shared his ideals - and had an established business model. 

 Carl has finally found that studio. He is now working from Body Custom at 9 Linden Road in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. If you're interested in a tattoo, he can be contacted on 01243 821199, or via his email, his facebook page, the  Desire 2 Inspire facebook page or the Body Custom facebook page.